Not all lender strategies focus on broker business

From David Webster

I am intrigued by Kevin Paterson’s assessment of The Hanley’s website (Mortgage Strategy September 12) and specifically his assertion that it represents a “mutual with big aspirations but very little idea”.   

A website is merely a window onto an organisation’s business strategy and he should have considered the latter before assessing the former. It’s hardly a surprise that our website appears relatively unfriendly to brokers as our lending business is 90% direct – intentionally so.

The website is aimed at new and existing customers in our heartland and beyond who wish to deal with a lender direct. We have never claimed to be in the Premier League of lenders for  intermediaries but as Paterson himself admits, our products are competitive and our service to customers is worthy of Champions’ League qualification.

There is plenty room for different types of websites, just as there is for a variety of lender strategies, not all of which focus on intermediary business. This is not parochial – it’s simply playing to our strengths.