MortgageStream launches special offer to Trigold users

MortgageStream has launched a special offer to all 24,000 Trigold users.

By simply visiting the MortgageStream website brokers can sample the case management software free for 14 days.

Benefits include the ability to import data and documents to and from MortgageStream and Trigolds Prospector sourcing system and administer the progress of their mortgage, life and general insurance cases using the MortgageStream system.

Bill Safran, CEO at Trigold, says: “Trigold users can take advantage of the new link from Prospector to MortgageStream to streamline their business process and increase efficiency of their administration staff and produce management information on all aspects of the advice and sales process.”

Paul Holden, sales director at MortgageStream, says:
“We are delighted that the new data link from Trigold to MortgageStream now allows users to benefit for the first time from genuine single data entry from first enquiry in MortgageStream and to Trigold for mortgage sourcing, life & GI quoting.

“The data link back to MortgageStream allows continuation of the case processing & commission tracking without ever having to re-enter the client, lender or product details.”