IFS apologises for glitches

The Institute of Financial Services has apologised for problems with CeMAP and its study materials.

The IFS had attempted to remedy inaccuracies in the CeMAP papers by sending out updated versions but it has emerged that these too contain incorrect information. The main problems concern mistakes with the labelling of sections and pages, and misleading and confusing questions.

In a recent letter to Mortgage Strategy, John Rattigan, director of compliance at Cartel, called for a debate on the matter and said the ifs should be providing a flawless professional service given its position of responsibility.

In response, the IFS has acknowledged the problems and promised to rectify the situation.

Tony Tudor, director of the IFS, says: “We apologise unequivocally for the inconvenience the type of errors Rattigan has highlighted may have caused those receiving recent additional study materials.

“We are taking immediate steps to ensure we issue fresh versions which address the problem areas.

“Customers who have received the inaccurate update material will be contacted individually and issued with a correct version at no additional cost.”

Tudor says that while a wide range of measures are taken to ensure the accuracy of study aids, errors slip through from time to time.

He also says IFS is not complacent about its position as a leading provider of mortgage advice education.

Tudor says: “We operate a helpline for technical queries whether these relate to materials or the need to clarify points relevant to studies.”

Rattigan welcomes the response. He says: “I am pleased the IFS has responded in the way that it has but will be keeping an eye on the situation.”