Female brokers see Red over BM Solutions icon

BM Solutions has been accused of alienating female advisers with the replacement for its Mini Alan icon, the female character Red.

BM Solutions replaced Mini Alan after Alan Cleary was promoted to director of Halifax Intermediaries last month.

His replacement, a red- haired female in a short black business suit, has caused concern among some female advisers.

Priya Shome, mortgage product manager at Purely Mortgages, says that while it can hardly be described as offensive, Purely has 32 advisers, over two-thirds of those being women, who cannot identify with Red.

She says: “The cartoon icon regularly moves around showing off her curves. So clearly BM Solutions is aiming this icon at what it feels is its target market – older men who love a bit of eye candy.”

She says companies who use things such as bunny girls at trade events run the risk of alienating future high performing female mortgage advisers.

Shome adds: “It just goes to show that even with its cutting edge technology BM Solutions just can’t help harking back to the dinosaur age.”

But BM Solutions strongly defends its decision to replace Mini Alan with Red.

Matt Grayson, spokesman for BM Solutions, says: “Before we do anything like this we gauge the views of the market. We had a positive response from brokers and the feedback has been good.

“Red is a professional looking character. Although we have chosen Red this time, we did have the male Mini Alan and may choose to replace Red with a male next time we change the icon.”