Enterprise Finance creates customised online application

Enterprise Finance has further enhanced its proposition to intermediaries by creating a customised online application for clients to use, on intermediaries own websites.

Paul Rose, managing director of Enterprise Finance, says: “In addition to the service we already offer brokers, this development means that Enterprise Finance now offers a complete service on the brokers behalf.

“Our whole ethos has always been to make life as easy as possible for the intermediary: this development takes our vision a giant step further.

“Its a tantalising proposition for the busy broker: Enterprise Finance does the work, the broker gets the procuration fee, the clients get highly competitive products it is a win-win-win situation all round.”

Rose adds: “We have designed an online enquiry form which we have added to our website.

“Also, weve designed an online enquiry form which we will customise to the brokers requirements, including full branding, for them to add to their website – free of charge.

“The client can click the secured loan enquiry button on the brokers website and this will be forwarded directly to us with an email generated to the broker informing him of the case.

“To participate, a broker simply has to call Enterprise Finance and complete an introducer’s agreement.”