Christmas comes early at Pink

Pink Home Loans launches a range of fees assisted near prime and heavy adverse products on the September 26, available until December 31 2005.

Following the results from the recent Pink 1000 index survey, Pink Home Loans will offer a free valuation and no administration fee on all branded lending products that are Near Prime to Heavy Adverse.

Tony Jones, managing director at Pink Home Loans, says: “We are delighted that Christmas has arrived early here at Pink.

“The Pink 1000 index survey is a useful tool in establishing what our intermediaries and the end customer require.

“The feedback states that the business mix in the near prime to heavy adverse niche has increased. With excellent rates available across the branded lending product range from as low as 4.09% (subject to loadings), together with a free valuation and no administration fee, customers who are either buying a property or remortgaging will benefit.”

Ray Blackmore director at Blackwood Finance, says: “This is excellent news for our customers as they not only have the benefit of a free valuation but I have peace of mind that an underwriter for the lender is on-site at Pink so my cases will be processed even faster.

“A number of packagers have offered lower or no valuation fees; however, this campaign has no up front fee for the client, as Pink is also waiving its admin fee.”