Britannia holds National Customer Service Week

Britannia is arranging a number of events to celebrate National Customer Service Week.

The Society recently came second in a website survey conducted by, for its levels of service, and is arranging the week to remind people that customer service is a major foundation stone of the Society and to reward staff for their hard work.

To start the celebrations on October 3, a number of members have been invited to visit Britannia’s head offices in Leek, Staffordshire Moorlands. During their visit, members will be able to see what happens behind the scenes of this major organisation as well as meet the staff who look after their finances.

A number of events are also being arranged to thank staff for their hard work, including a golf tournament, a poetry writing competition and quizzes. Pledge boards are also being created for staff to sign up to say that they will always give good customer service.

The chief executive of Britannia says: “One of Britannia’s values is to put our customers first and this is a great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of offering great customer service. We also want to thank our staff for the hard work that they do throughout the year.”