Brighton 2005: Consumers will get a fair deal with Labour Johnson

Alan Johnson MP, Labour’s secretary of state for trade and industry, speaking at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton today, said: “No government has done more to empower consumers. Confident consumers stimulate competition and force companies to improve their service.

“Nothing disempowers people like excessive debt. We will provide 45million for face-to-face advice for the most vulnerable.

“And we will build on projects in Birmingham and Glasgow to hunt out loan sharks and bring them before the Courts.

“Next year we will test new Scambuster teams to target the most fraudulent and malicious traders.

“Furthermore, we will also introduce new powers to tackle rogue estate agents and we will increase ten fold the fines on companies that plague consumers and terrify vulnerable pensioners with silent calls.

“With Labour in government, we can ensure our consumers will be empowered to get a fair deal.”