1st works with Microsoft ahead of Windows update

Over 11,000 users of 1st have been reassured by the company not to be concerned ahead of the launch of the new version of Microsoft Windows.

But experts are urging advisers to check their back office systems before installing Vista which is due for launch in 2006.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, 1st is given preferential opportunities to build closer working relationships with Microsoft and have already tested two early builds of Vista, both of which have been compatible with Adviser Office.

Industry commentators are recommending intermediaries adopt a pro-active approach in anticipation of the launch next year, to avoid being caught out by a system that will not operate in the new Microsoft environment.

1st has anticipated this and in addition to continued testing of Adviser Office operating with Vista, representatives from 1st attended the recent Microsoft Professional Developers conference in Los Angeles, alongside Microsoft product managers and developers, gaining hands on experience of the latest innovations on behalf of users in the UK.

Richard Costall, technical architect at 1st commented:
“The PDC gave us an invaluable insight into the Microsoft roadmap for the future, allowing 1st to remain better prepared when products such as Office 12 and Windows Vista are released 12 months to two years down the line.”

Mik Cons, managing director at 1st, says: “We have been working very closely with Microsoft to ensure that 1st users need not be concerned by the recent press coverage regarding the compatibility of advisers back office systems with Vista.

“Our proactive approach to development will ensure that any system from 1st remains compatible with all the latest technology available.

“It is our responsibility as the technology provider, and not the adviser user, to establish compatibility between a back office system and Microsoft technology.

“We will continue to work with Microsoft to ensure a seamless transition for all Adviser Office users.”