Whitechurch cuts its member fees

The Whitechurch Network has slashed its member fees and says its appointed representatives will now be able to pocket an extra 2,500 in commission.

The network has launched a new fees structure to entice brokers to join.

At the moment, the network takes a 10% cut of its ARs’ proc fees each year.

This means if the average AR’s proc fee amounts to 50,000 every year, the network will pocket 5,000.

But now new brokers joining the network will only have to hand over 200 of their monthly proc fee, meaning they will save up to 2,500 a year.

The Whitechurch Network has been in existence for six years and has some 180 ARs at present, but hopes this new fees structure will help it to expand.

Ian McIver, managing director at The Whitechurch Network, it welcomes ARs from other networks as well as directly authorised brokers wanting to become ARs.

He adds: ” Our growth has always been organic and not through acquisitions like with other networks.”