UCB links up with environmental charities

UCB Home Loans has linked up with two charities which focus on issues related to global warming.

The move forms part of the lenders programme of green initiatives, which includes the production of publications, consumer and industry awareness projects, an internal carbon-saving programme, and future product development opportunities.

The two charities it is linking with are EarthFireIce, which encourages people to take action to reduce the size of their carbon footprint, and Pure the Clean Planet Trust, which helps individuals and organisations to offset those aspects of their energy usage which they have not been able to reduce.

Keith Astill, managing director at UCB Home Loans, says: The introduction of energy performance certificates for all homes going up for sale from June 1 onwards will focus peoples attention on energy saving issues.

Our link with EarthFireIce will help people to make a commitment to energy saving through a pledging programme linked to an adapted version of google maps.

Whilst reducing carbon emissions should always be the first objective, this is not always possible, so Pure offers a way for people to offset emissions from their home, or from other activities such as flying.

Pures offsetting programme avoids measures such as tree planting, which have received a certain amount of criticism because of the length of time that has to elapse before the benefits are realised.

The offsetting donations go into projects which generate emissions reductions which are regulated, verified and for which there is a clear audit trail.