Title Deed – Godiva Mortgages

Godiva Mortgages is the newly launched specialist lending subsidiary of Coventry and the idea behind its name came from its home city.

Colin Franklin, managing director of Godiva Mortgages, says the name was an obvious choice.

“Godiva is a name synonymous with Coventry,” he says. “Lady Godiva was the wife of Leofric, Earl of Mercia, at the time the town of Coventry was founded in the 11th century. This was long before Coventry Building Society was established in the late 19th century.”

During her legendary horse ride through the markets of the town Godiva protested at high levels of taxation, seeking a fairer deal for her citizens, explains Franklin.

He says Lady Godiva has been used as the logo of Coventry since November 1969, when the motif appeared for the first time on the society’s annual report.

One of Coventry’s head office buildings is named Godiva House and when plans were made to launch a specialist lending company Franklins says it seemed appropriate that this should be called Godiva Mortgages, reinforcing the links with Coventry.

“Godiva is Latin for the old English name ‘Godgyfu’ or ‘Godgifu’ literally ‘God’s gift’ or ‘good gift,’ he says. “You could therefore say that Godiva Mortgages will be God’s gift to lending. We can but try.”