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The United Packagers Association: Simple steps to the grand plan

I spoke last month about the ‘orgy’ of company rebranding that has taken hold in the marketplace of late, with the craze for devising an ever increasing catalogue of confusing terminology for what takes place in the mortgage world, or at least what many want brokers to think they do. Or maybe it’s just to ensure no one knows what’s going on. The hazy marketing that we’re all guilty of from time to time should not cloud our vision from the simple principles that can make a significant difference to the levels of business a company writes.

The fundamental principle of marketing is about finding out what the client needs and devising a strategy to meet that requirement. At the root of this process is research and database management. Adding value to an existing proposition and keeping business is the most important point of all.” Knowledge is power and building a complete database is the key to opening up new avenues”A database should be used to log and relay any conversations or business that takes place with a client. If you don’t know the client history, such as whether the client went through to completion or not, then you have no frame of reference when dealing with that person again.

When dealing with lead generation, it is also important to keep those leads that don’t come to fruition on your books. If you purchase 10 leads, only three might go on to completion, so instead of dumping the contacts you make in these ventures, keeping an accurate, up-to-date record of the leads you have purchased can lead to more business coming your way – they may require ancillary services that can add extra income.

Whatever message you are conveying through marketing, it is also vitally important to put across these to your client base through accurate database management. Trigold recently integrated its database with Microsoft Outlook and this is an ideal way of relaying marketing material to its clients.

New ways to manage information are always in development, but keeping an accurate outline of your clients can be as easy as logging information into an Excel chart. This can build more loyalty within a client bank and position a broker better for potential cross-sale opportunities with the ability to offer multi-channel products. Knowledge is power and building a complete database is the key to opening up new avenues.

With home information packs on the horizon, there has been a lot of talk about how the market and brokers will be affected, and whether business would be lost as a result of this. With the right system in place, HIPs are a massive opportunity for brokers to ensure a point of contact with clients before they make any financial commitments, and this can be relayed into a database and used for future marketing. There are hundreds of HIPs providers online but it is all about how you market yourself, or your client will get cross-sold by another firm.

The moral of the story is to learn to walk before you can run. Ensuring complete records of clients are kept at every stage can add income to your business, and it is a simple process that every broker should maintain and keep up to date. After this is in order, grander marketing activities can be put forward, and they will ultimately be more successful.


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Heritable Bank has extended its residential mortgages introductory fee offer by a month to April 30 following feedback from advisers. The extension also applies to applications falling outside standard criteria.


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