Sorry seems to be the hardest word for the prophets of doom

From Simon Biddle
I’m not really into backslapping but there is so much packagers should be celebrating at the moment. Distribution muscle counting in the tens of billions of pounds and rising is no mean feat for starters.

For some it wasn’t always so. Just a few years and the landscape might have looked completely different, as according to some commentators and industry gurus packagers were dead in the water, swept away by regulation and a whole host of other regulatory, market and other ‘supernatural’ forces.

It seems more than a bit foolhardy to conceptually wipe out a distribution channel worth tens of billions of pounds at a few media briefings and then to add insult to injury, continually drive the message home and then a few years later seek access to that very market’s distribution muscle.

Wind the clock forward to 2007. Memories are long and justifiably many packagers will not be too quick to forgive. Those commentators and gurus concerned could do something old fashioned and simple – just hold up their hands and say sorry. Let me take this opportunity to say thanks to all packagers for your support, which will always be reciprocated at Infinity.

Simon Biddle

head of marketing and communications,

Infinity Mortgages