Self-cert leads way as market sees big rise in packaged cases

The average number of mortgages being packaged has reached 170 a month, with self-certification mortgages leading the way in the number of cases being dealt with, according to research from The Mortgage Business.

The TMB Survey of Mortgage Packagers for Q1 2007, reveals the average number of mortgages currently being packaged by respondents’ companies is up by 3.7% to 170 cases a month, from Q4 2006 figures of 164 a month.

Just under a quarter (21%) of mortgage packagers say they are handling between 51 and 200 cases each month, while nearly as many packagers (17%) say they are processing up to 50 mortgages per month.

TMB says that its research also shows that the average proportion of all self-cert mortgages being packaged is 36%, compared with 30% for sub-prime, 23% for buy-to-let, 10% for mainstream and just 1% for the self-build sector.

Compared with the figures for Q4 2006, the proportion of self-cert cases being packaged has increased from 33% to 36%, while the proportion of all other types of packaged cases has fallen.

Nigel Payne, managing director at TMB, says: “The packager market is a vital component in today’s mortgage market.

“The emphasis being placed on packager, intermediary and lender relations is increasing, with strong ties between all parties now a must-have in the modern market. “It is no surprise to see self-cert cases topping the charts of cases being dealt with by packagers, as this is an area where extensive specialist knowledge is required.

Payne adds: “Good packagers are perfectly placed to advise on this sector and provide the best solution to all client needs.”