RAMP looks for mid-sized firms

The Regulatory Alliance of Mortgage Packagers announced this month that it will offer associate membership to 10 new mortgage distributors and packagers over the next year. The alliance, says it is keen to target mid-sized companies which are finding it hard to invest in systems and compliance but have aspirations to grow in a future regulated packaging market.

RAMP says associate members will be able to access its exclusive products but will also need to accept the same compliance advice as other members.

John Rice, managing director of RAMP says: “With the strong possibility of packager distribution becoming regulated we see this as ideal timing for many to become involved with RAMP. If companies are serious about addressing their future in a potentially regulated market then talking to RAMP about associate membership would be a good idea. We have designed a

compliance facility which will let new associate members flourish in the existing environment and also to be ahead of the game if packaging becomes regulated.”