MortgageBox launches tracker deals

Mortgagebox has launched three two-year buy-to-let tracker deals with BM Solutions and has increased proc fees from 0.5% to 0.55% for a limited period.

The exclusive products from MortgageBox, which is dedicated to directly authorised intermediaries, include a 4.75% two-year tracker at base rate minus 0.5% with a 1,499 fee.

There is also a 4.99% two-year tracker at base rate minus 0.26% with no early repayment charges and a fee of 2,499.

Finally, there is a 5.44% two-year tracker with a fee of 999 and a 110% rental calculation.

Dev Malle, director of mortgage distribution at Personal Touch Financial Services, says: “We know from experience it is a powerful combination when you mix great deals for clients with increased fees for the work the intermediaries do.”