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Me & My Car

My Audi A8 is an understated, reserved kind of car and fits in well with my relationship with cars – keen but not too keen, says John Pearson

I am not a true petrol head, but have to admit that I would know a Ferrari from a Lamborghini and do occasionally watch Top Gear.

My current car, an Audi A8, suits me down to the ground. It is an understated, reserved kind of car and not particularly an attention-grabber. It fits well with my relationship with cars – keen, but not that keen. It is not the sort of car that allows people to pigeonhole me as this or that sort of driver, or even this or that kind of person.

Although at the time of writing I have only been behind the wheel of the A8 for just a few weeks I can already say that it’s about the most comfortable and easy car to drive that I have ever had.

And I have driven a few in my time. The three most recent company cars that I have experienced are a BMW 3 series, a VW Passat and a Mercedes C-class, which are all excellent motors, but I feel the Audi A8 has the edge.

But I am not infallible and am open to the suggestion that because it is a new car, the Audi A8 is bound to seem better than these previous models simply because it has all the latest technology.

I particularly like the six-speed Tiptronic torque converter gearbox with so-called dynamic shift control. The engine makes a lovely howl as it hits higher revs and you gather speed rapidly.

What I find impressive is that it seems to have bags of space. Unlike a lot of other cars, the boot is gigantic. I’ll have to consider taking up golf to make more use of it. And there is plenty of legroom in the back – it could double up as a limo.

The multimedia interface control centre is easy to use and controls every aspect of the car’s technology including satellite navigation, heated seats, lighting, and the entertainment system.

This last seems to have a taste control built in as well, making Bob Dylan’s latest album sound superb while rendering my wife’s James Blunt CD ‘unreadable’. You’re beautiful indeed.


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