Many brokers treat staff unfairly

One in 10 employees in the field of financial intermediation are victims of unfair treatment in the workplace.

A survey conducted by the Department of Trade and Industry found that of all UK industries, financial brokers came out worst for treating their staff unfairly.

The DTI found that 11% of workers in brokerages had experienced bullying, discrimination or unfair demands. Four out of five victims were women.

More worryingly, more than one in five employees had either been treated unfairly themselves or knew someone who had been the victim of unfair treatment in the broker industry.

Ageism and inflexibility with serious poor health were the main areas of concern for the DTI but racism, sexism and discrimination against pregnant women and disabled people all came in with similar figures.

David Hollingworth, mortgage specialist at London & Country, says: “Our culture is important to us. We try and run a fun, young business. Our em-ployee turnover is low, which is testament to that.

“If the broking industry is top of the unfair treatment league, it just backs up the old stereotype.”