GMAC-RFC’s Partners programme turns over £3.3bn

GMAC-RFC’s Partners programme which has now been running for a year has turned over £3.2bn in mortgage compeletions.

The programme was set up to set up an exclusive product range particularly geared towards the packaging distribution market.

Roger Brown, director of packagers at GMAC-RFC, says: “GMAC-RFC was the first and we remain the biggest lender to work with the distribution partners by way of creating a unique channel for a select number of packagers that we value in the mortgage industry.

“We wanted Partners to represent the packager distribution offering exclusive products and utilising our market leading technology to offer a greater experience to the end customer.”

“We have had a terrific year that has far exceeded our expectations.

“This reflects how we have grown our relationships with our key packager distributors, by way of working closer together, giving them dedicated resource and support.

“We will continue to adapt and work in this rapidly changing market place particularly with a challenging 2007 ahead.”