C&G service is so bad I will never use the lender again

Regarding Jan Bull’s recent letter (Mortgage StrategyMarch 12) regarding her experience with Cheltenham & Gloucester prompted me to add my bit to the discussion.

I have used C&G in the past and although slow, with a bit of gentle prodding it has eventually got there.

My most recent case started on the December 18 2006 when I did an AIP. I telephoned C&G on December 20 and December 28 for a reply, only to be told it had computer problems. In the end the AIP was passed on January 3.

After collecting all the relevant documents and information from the clients I hand-delivered the full application to my local office on January 10.

I received little or no communication from C&G except two emails, the first acknowledging receipt of the application and explaining that it had high volumes of business, and the second dated the January 26 which said because of continuing high volumes of business could I please avoid ringing for updates.

Out of exasperation I contacted C&G on February 5 and was informed a decision would be made on February 9. By midday on the February 9 there had been a deafening silence so I rang the local office but nobody would answer the phone.

I rang my BDM and had to leave a message on her mobile. Eventually at 4 pm out of desperation I sent a fax to the office manager pleading for a reply. They eventually responded that night to say an offer was being made and this finally came through on February 17.

All through this process I had kept my clients fully informed of proceedings but at times I had been dreading any phone calls from them.

I have subsequently spoken to my clients to get the matter moved along to completion but, to add insult to injury, they informed me that from February 17 it took a further two weeks for the solicitor (this was a fees-free re-mortgage) to contact them.

Even though C&G has conspired to run this remortgage off the tracks I am still hopeful to have it completed by the end of this month.

I now have a large note attached to my C&G file which reads: ‘never, never, never use C&G again – the service levels and communication are abysmal.’

George Charlton
Newcastle upon Tyne
By email