Average Council Tax up 4.3% in 2007-08

The average Council Tax per dwelling under the rates set by local authorities for 2007-08 will be 1,101, the Department of Communities and Local Government has revealed today.

This equates to an increase of 4.3% compared to the previous year.

For a Band D property in England occupied by two adults and including Parish precepts the average Tax will be 1,321, up 4.2% on last year.

For London the average Tax for an equivalent property will be 1,258, for other metropolitan areas it is 1,284 and for shire areas 1,348.

Parish precepts for the coming financial year total 299m, up 6.7% on the previous year.

If it were not for the precept applied in London to finance the Olympics, the average Council Tax increase would be 4.2%.