AHIPP warns on increase in HIP enquiries

AHIPP has advised estate agents to ensure their staff are fully prepared to face a growing number of queries on Home Information Packs.

The association says with full page adverts on HIPs now appearing in the national press, a growing number of consumers are expected to start asking their agents a number of more informed questions about HIPs.

Mike Ockenden, director general at Association of Home Information Pack Providers, says: Up until now, consumers have been pretty much in the dark with regard to HIPs, with only those in the early roll out locations being offered the opportunity to sample the packs.

However, now that the national advertising campaign has kicked in I would anticipate a growing number of consumers to start asking questions questions that will predominately be aimed at their estate agent.

It is now less than 50 working days until the packs become mandatory and those agents who are not prepared and whose staff are not trained in HIPs are running a real risk of potentially losing business.

There are a series of courses currently on offer, not just for agents but for lenders and solicitors too and I would advise those who are not up to date on HIPs to get informed fast.