Partners division proves success for GMAC-RFC

Since the launch of it’s Partners range in March this year, GMAC-RFC says it has experienced a strong increase in the take-up of its exclusive product range amongst packagers.

To date, applications on the range have exceeded 1bn with some Partners reporting that their business levels with GMAC have increased significantly.

The formulation of the tailored product range for packagers was the result of a lengthy process of research and planning and was intended to mirror GMAC-RFCs strong intermediary business growth on the packager side.

To date there are around 70 Partners on the panel and some, such as Pink have reported an impressive rise in business with the UKs 10th largest mortgage lender of up to 45% since the launch.

Roger Brown, director of GMAC-RFC Partners, says: There is nothing as rewarding as a successful partnership and Partners has proved to be that and more.

“We took a long time to prepare for this new venture because we wanted to get it right and I think the figures speak for themselves.

“The success is down to the competitive product range and our Partners enthusiasm to promote the range on our behalf.