Online mortgage DIPS for GHL packagers

Guaranteed and Genesis Home Loans is now offering its packagers the use of its online mortgage DIP facility.

Previously available to only Appointed Representatives and Directly Authorised brokers, the online DIP service will now be added to the GHL packaging website for use by the groups network of DA packagers.

Having access to the service removes the time consuming task of having to source and place clients requirements with the most suitable lender. This whole function is now carried out by the GHL group placements team, who process the DIP and provide the packager with a DIP response within four hours of receipt.

Once notified by e-mail of a DIP response, the packager can view the information provided via their own personalised section of the website. The response will detail up to three options for the client, and will also provide the packager with details of the documents and information required by the lender. Should the client then wish to proceed with one of the recommended schemes, a DIP conversion system can be utilised saving further time during the submission procedure.

With one click the data contained within the DIP response is pre-populated into the GHL Group application form and the remainder of the information required can then be entered into the form online. Once the case is packaged and submitted for offer, the packager can then keep up-to-date with the progress of their case via the websites real-time, online case tracking service.

John Smith, sales & marketing director at GHL Group says: “We believe the provision of this online DIP service to our DA packagers provides them with a genuine advantage over others in their area. By utilising the DIP facility, they significantly reduce the time involved between initial communication with their introducer and returning to them with a selection of lenders and schemes that best fit the required criteria.

“This reduced turnaround speed also promotes an image of efficiency which in turn helps gain the trust and loyalty of the their broker or client. A further, financial benefit of the DIP service comes from not having to employ specialist sales and underwriting staff to deal with the placement of new mortgage enquiries.