NU survey reveals what customers spend lifetime mortgage on

Home improvements and holidays are the most popular choices when spending a lifetime mortgage, Norwich Union research has revealed.

News cars and top-up incomes alse feature highly in the list. The breakdown of what Norwich Union customers use their lifetime mortgage money for is as follows.

Home improvements 77%
Go on holiday 34%
Top up income 31%
Buy a car 26%
Healthcare 8%
Inheritance Tax planning 4%
Buy property abroad 1%

(Figures add up to more than 100% because customers often use their lifetime mortgage money for more than one purpose.)

The research shows that customers dont rush into taking out a lifetime mortgage. More than two-thirds (68%) of lifetime mortgage customers wait between three and 12 months between first thinking of taking out a lifetime mortgage and approaching either Norwich Union or a financial adviser.

Daren Carter, director of sales and marketing at Norwich Union Personal Finance, says: These figures show that the majority of equity release money is needed for practical purposes.

“Its already helping thousands of people to make their retirement more comfortable, either by funding home improvements, filling any gaps in retirement income and making it possible for them to go on holiday.

Providing their families with a living legacy by, for example, helping grandchildren get a start in life, is also making retired people consider equity release.