MortgageStream saves me from letting clients down

From Lee Martin

I follow with interest the ups and downs related by Sue Read in her regular articles. In a recent column (Mortgage Strategy June 12), she spoke about lenders who promise one thing and deliver another.

I’d like to make a suggestion to Sue. I use MortgageStream to handle all my mortgage administration. This includes automatically recording all calls to all parties including lenders. She should get it now.

I recently experienced a situation whereby a lender said it could do a case so I sent it in and, after telling me nothing for a few days, it finally informed me it couldn’t do it after all.

I rang the lender and had a conversation during which it was indicated to me that I could not have had confirmation from the lender because it was not policy. I instantly asked for the senior person available and asked them who I should email my recorded conversation to. Funnily enough, an agreement was soon reached.

Play them at their own game and record everything. If you can’t record your own calls, subscribe to MortgageStream now. Then there will be no need to look your clients in the eye and give them the bad news.

In fact, you can show them that you are on their side and working in their best interests.

Lee Martin

Regency Mortgage Bureau