LMS to launch remortgaging service

LMS is launching a remortgaging service designed specifically for packagers.

LMS says the new service transforms remortgaging – being faster, cheaper and more efficient than the traditional process – to give packagers a competitive advantage which will also give their clients a better experience and increased satisfaction.

The service collates data at the front end to speed processing, it produces both customer and solicitor packs, it enables queries to be highlighted and dealt with over the telephone.

It pre-fills questionnaires to make the process easier for both packagers and clients, it completes cases in less than 10 days and it keeps packagers and their clients updated so they are informed and can plan for case completion.

It can also be used with a number of options to help packagers offer Fees Free remortgaging.

Dominic Toller, director of marketing and new business at LMS, says: Effectively we have turned the remortgages process on its head and started again with a blank sheet of paper to look at how we can create a better process using our technology, our considerable experience in delivering high volume transactions and our robust and proven systems together with a good deal of lateral thinking!

The result is a truly revolutionary service which has cut process time so dramatically we have been able to deliver a remortgage in just three days from instruction to completion.

Clearly there are huge benefits to be gained from the new LMS process – this is the future of remortgaging for packagers and their clients.