Launch DB Countdown

We are pleased with our rollout to the packager market, I get down to some hard work at the Mortgage Strategy Summit and Mike Tottle fails to bribe the underwriters again, says Bill Dudgeon

MondayOur Monday afternoon directors’ meeting focusses on the extended rollout to the packager market which we are especially pleased with, given the number of contracts signed already. I’m glad for the early finish to the meeting as I have to pack my bags in preparation for the Mortgage Strategy Summit in Jerez.

TuesdayNeil continues his tour of UK football grounds. This time he is heading to Scotland to visit Hampden Park. Lisa Barber of Mortgage Next is in Chester to learn about our rollout strategy. I have left instructions that there are to be no early exits for the England game – am I just a disgruntled Scotland fan?

WednesdayIt’s the longest day today and certainly feels like it after watching the match last night, or was it something I ate at the barbeque? I’m sure it was. I spend the day in a series of meetings and workshops before heading off to Caribbean Night – what do they mean when they say I should win the limbo dancing? I hear Mike Tottle is trying to bribe the underwriters back in Chester with promises of an exotic day cruise fishing off the South-West coast but this falls on deaf ears as usual. Still, he seems to have upped his rate from the usual gallon of scrumpy.

ThursdayAnother day of seminars and meetings for me. This is turning out to be hard work after all. In the evening I attend a pleasant gala dinner where I meet some old friends. Meanwhile back in Blighty, the Mortgage Brain roadshow hits West Ham – the home of football or so Paul Brookbank, our BDM for Hampshire, assures me.

FridayMark phones to advise we need to alternate attendees at the Summit and he’s on the list for next year. After a day of golf and go-carting we head back to the UK. It’s been a great opportunity to mix with the big players in the mortgage industry and a chance to top up on the tan. That said, I’m on holiday for the next fortnight so the next couple of updates will be from Mark Bergin.