Is Right to Buy still relevant or should it be rethought?

Alan Oliver, 31, business development account manager – In principle, everyone should have the right to buy a house. But the problem with the Right to Buy scheme is that it has not helped people to be able to afford this in the longer run because of inflated house prices. I don’t like the idea of people making profit through renting out or selling their council homes – it seems rather like the government giving money away. It’s madness. I think the government should adopt a different strategy with regard to Right to Buy but any change now could be too little, too late. Plus it could cause conflict with council tenants who might have the long-term aim of buying their homes.

Maxime Bazeley, 24, operations co-ordinator – In Australia, where I am from, the government has a similar scheme called the First Homebuyers Grant but that’s to help first-time buyers with deposits. I don’t know much about the Right to Buy scheme but I think it should only be available to people who have jobs. Buying a property is great but only if you can afford it, and I don’t think people should live in London if they can’t afford to. I also think they should build more schools before they build more social housing. People are having things handed to them on a plate.

Catherine Pryer, 23, operations co-ordinator – There is a conflict between helping people in social housing and building more social housing. I think it’s more important that people have somewhere to live rather than being able to buy their homes but there is no happy medium. For people in social housing, Right to Buy could be their only opportunity to buy a home. I just got a 100% mortgage and my repayments are so much each month that I think it’s a bit unfair that people are being given a better opportunity to buy a home because they are in social housing.

David Richardson, 29, sales manager – Everyone should have the right to buy a property and the government should invest more in housing for key workers like nurses. Perhaps Right to Buy should be replaced with an assisted housing scheme to help people in social housing, but this should be available for people who have lived in their homes for 15 to 20 years. Just a couple of years in a place is not the same thing.