FMO offers free valuations through GMAC-RFC and SPML

First Mortgage Options is providing free valuations on all GMAC-RFC Partners range of products and the entire Southern Pacific Mortgage Limited product range up to August 31.

Other FMO lenders may be added to this offer shortly.

Debbie Lloyd, operations director at FMO, says: Following our World Cup ticket promotions with both GMAC-RFC Partners and SPML we have decided to maintain the momentum gained with these lenders products and offer free valuations across their entire product range.

This offer will last until August 31 and will still entitle the adviser to probably the highest procuration fees available.

We have chosen GMAC-RFC and SPML because of their products and just as important, the service we are able to offer with these lenders which is evidenced by the time from receipt of application to formal offer currently averaging six working days.

Clearly we are looking to maintain this turnaround time, and with GMACs and SPMLs technology and their in-house underwriters we know that we can increase business levels without compromising service levels.

We are also aware that mortgage advisers operating in the sub-prime market deal with applicants that have not met payments on their credit cards and loans, so to expect them to find upfront valuation fees is often difficult if not nigh on impossible.

FMOs offer will help to overcome the delays often experienced with submitting applications until the client can save the fees