Trigold poised to launch integrated Dashboard e-packaging system

Trigold and Dashboard have announced the launch of a fully-integrated mortgage application processing platform designed specifically for distributors that they say is the first system to offer full straight-through processing from mortgage application to offer.

The Dashboard E-Packaging System will, says Bill Safran, chief executive of Trigold, potentially save some of the larger mortgage distributors hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in administrative costs and will massively reduce the time taken between a mortgage application being made through Trigold and received by the lender.

Safran says the system will enable mortgage brokers, having completed the initial fact-find, to then go on to make the mortgage application – which is pre-populated with all the relevant information from the fact-find through the Trigold Prospector AAA desktop solution offline.

Users can then send the application through Trigold’s online Electronic Trading Centre to their nominated distributor, where the application form will automatically be pre-populated on the distributor’s version of Dashboard.

The Dashboard platform will then take over the workflow for the processing of the application as usual, and once the mortgage processing has been completed by the distributorand the relevant checks have been completed, the data can be sent again through Trigold’s ETC to the nominated lender, where the lender’s application-in-principle form is immediately pre-populated with the necessary information.

David Elmer, joint managing director of Dashboard, says: “The system will also allow users back into the Dashboard system if the lender refuses the case or there is a problem, with all the forms still pre-populated so the user can send it to another lender.”

Safran says the development of the E-Packaging System is in direct response to requests from distributors for both Dashboard and Trigold to work together to produce an end-to-end solution that would speed up mortgage application and processing.

He says this was one of the reasons Trigold acquired Dashboard last year.

The new E-Packaging System will start to be rolled out this month to a number of Dashboard’s customers, with Safran saying: “We see everyone that uses Dashboard moving over to the EPS by the end of Q2 this year.”