Mortgage Times launches Xit2 link

The Mortgage Times has launched a link to Xit2\'s Conveyancing Portal, enabling it to send conveyancing instructions directly to partner firm McKeags.

The link and log-on screen will allow Mortgage Times brokers to manage conveyancing instructions using direct XML interfaces to create an end-to-end process.

New instructions can be sent from the mortgage broker to the Xit2 hub, which can then pre-populate a new file within the conveyancer’s case management system.

At this stage, the conveyancer can generate letters and complete forms and other documents through automated workflows within their own case management system.

Paul Carmody, director of Mortgage Times, says the new platform will make the entire conveyancing process quicker and easier.

“The conveyancing firm receives the information relating to the case directly into their case management system, which enables them to action the job immediately.

“However, this is only phase one of a two-stage development, which will see pre-population of conveyancing instructions from the Mortgage Times system, leading to even greater automation of these key processes.”

Paul Duckworth, chief executive of Xit2, adds: “The use of web-based technology means the status of a case can be checked by the mortgage broker at any time.

“This will allow Mortgage Times to proactively communicate the progress of cases to their customers, further enhancing their service.

“The beauty of having data distributed in real time means that all the companies involved in the process have access to the same synchronised information.”