Hush hush

zxdfvvdscv They say never work with children or animals but it appears the same could be said for several people in the mortgage industry. There are just some things you really can’t legislate for. Such as silly messages written on white boards. it appears someone at Mortgagematch Home Loans thought it would be funny to sneak the message “Amo stinks” onto the white board in the background of last month’s Meet the Mortgage Desk. Honestly you just can’t get the staff!!

xdfvvdsc Ever one to make a scene it was really no surprise that MD group editor Robyn Hall got a little carried away at Promise Finance’s third annual charity golf shindig in Portugal’s Parque de Florista. Hall managed to crash into Promise boss Steve Walker’s charity auction with starting bids of £1,000 for what were some rather trivial items and spoiling the fun somewhat for the assembled great and good. Some failed bids later and all Hall ended up with was a football signed by David Beckham which in his benevolence he has now decided to give away. To be in with a chance of winning this marvellous piece of footballing memorabilia simply visit the Mortgage Strategy/Mortgage Distributor stand at next month’s Mortgage Business Expo in Manchester and enter the prize draw.

xdfvvdsc And now for the shameless attempt to get Mortgage Distributor’s readers to part with some hard earned cash all in the name of charity. Esteemed editor Matt West, along with the team from Mortgage Strategy minus scaredy cat Lee Jones, is to jump out of a plane attached to (he hopes) a parachute from 13,000 ft as part The Mortgage Business’ charity fund raising event. The event takes place on May 1 so you haven’t got too long to sponsor him and all the money raised will go to the British Heart Foundation and Save the Family. Offers of support, first aid tips and donations are all welcome at