Equity release key growth area, says Pru

Almost a quarter of advisers expect equity release products such as lifetime mortgages to be a key area for growth over the next five years, says Prudential.

The Prus annual adviser opportunity survey reveals four in 10 advisers say their clients biggest worry is that they have not saved enough.

For over a half of advisers, retirement planning is top of their clients most pressing financial concerns. In particular many of their clients have no idea where their retirement income is likely to come from.

IHT planning is now the second most pressing concern, with 16% of advisers saying that clients are trying to negate the impact of IHT. Concerns around investments are also a big concern, as customers worry about ongoing volatility, despite a rise in markets.

Pension products are predicted to be a big growth area with well over a third of advisers expecting this to have the largest impact on their business over the next five years.

Flexibility is still important with almost a fifth of advisers citing it as their clients top consideration when taking out a lifetime mortgage.

Ali Crossley, director of lifetime mortgages at Prudential, says: Retirement planning is clearly still a core focus and people are increasingly realising that they may not have saved enough to support them when they retire.

“It is important to note, however, that its never too late to plan for retirement, though the earlier people start the more time they have got to save.

Speaking to a financial adviser will enable people to see the full range of options available by utilising the number of different saving and investment vehicles that are available in the market.

“This could really improve peoples overall position and could ultimately enable them to have a more comfortable retirement.