Virtual PR a reality for financial firms

Virtual PR is now a reality for the financial services industry, thanks to a new system launched this week. Called &#39Media Centre&#39 it enables financial companies to provide a wide range of information to journalists, via an online press office.

This comes as a Nielson study into the usefulness to journalists of company websites revealed that they only achieved a 60% success rate in finding the specific information they were seeking.

As well as giving journalists access to a wide range of information, such as press releases, photos and product data, Media Centre enables companies to electronically &#39bundle&#39 information so that journalists have everything they require to turn a basic press release into an interesting news story.

Journalists are increasingly turning to the internet for company information, but are frustrated by the way in which most organisations ignore the specific needs of the press.

Josh Cooper, director of Media Centre, says: ” Our own analysis of financial company websites clearly shows that the vast majority do not provide adequate information for journalists. Having a page of historical press releases is simply not good enough.

“Journalists need access to all the ancillary information &#45 such as photos, logos, biographies, product data, financial information, event details and so forth &#45 which enables them to turn a press release into an interesting news story.”

The company&#39s website can be found at