Stop moaning about the new exams

From Kevin Rees

I write in response to the “long in the tooth” mortgage advisor (Letters, Mortgage Strategy August 19). I&#39m afraid I have no sympathy either for him, or for any of the elder statesmen who are constantly complaining about sitting the CeMap exams.

He may well have been in the industry for 26 years and I&#39m sure that he has many satisfied clients. However, I&#39m afraid he has to sit the exams, just like the rest of us.

I cannot understand why he has left sitting the first exam until August 30. It is &#39old school&#39 advisers like this gentleman who are failing the papers because they are relying on their many years of advice-giving experience to see them through.

I understand it is difficult to find the time to study. However, if he doesn&#39t, he will be paying his recently qualified administration assistant to provide mortgage advice to his new (I&#39m sure) large and satisfied existing client bank come January 1, 2003.

Kevin Rees

Mortgage consultant

Peter Alan