Xit2 refocusses on three core areas

Xit2 has refocussed its mortgage outsourcing business around the three core areas of asset, valuation and conveyancing management.

The firm, which provides out-sourcing and lender support services, says the restructure will give lenders more oversight of third parties and provide better management information.

Mark Blackwell, managing direc-tor of Xit2, says: “We spent some time looking at the various areas of our business. We have a range of products and we’re taking that breadth and putting it into more distinct service areas.”

There will be no redundancies at the company following the overhaul as the restructure is to do with redefining business strategy.

Blackwell says the launch of an asset management service does not mean a departure from the valuation side of the business.

He adds: “In 2010 we will bring all our services and products together to create more clarity.”