Tories are the best bet for our industry


With the election campaign in full swing this seems like a good time to air my views on which party would best serve the mortgage market.

I have Labour comfortably in third place as nothing will convince me that the party will do anything different in the future than it has in the past.

Its inability to put forward a concrete plan on how the country can pay off its debt is concerning. And the fact that its catchphrase is ’new politics’ says it all.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s performance on television was pretty impressive and his jump in the polls reflects that, but I can’t see much that suggests the Lib Dems will do anything useful for the mortgage market.

And being good on TV doesn’t necessarily mean Clegg will be good at leading the country.

But Lib Dem shadow chancellor Vince Cable seems credible and if he was willing to join the Conservative Party he would make a great chancellor.

So I put the Tories in the lead as far as the mortgage market goes because a credible plan to pay off our national debt is critical.

Unless we convince the International Monetary Fund, the rating agencies and the global community that we have this under control it is likely that our credit status will come under pressure.
This will lead to an uncontrolled rise in interest rates and as I have said before, the two big things we should be worrying about are interest rates and unemployment.