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Support should be part of the IT deal


With so many technology systems on the market it is important that the system you buy is right for your business and that the provider is able to support you and your employees from the outset.

It is well known that the human mind is reluctant to change and the financial services market is no different. But in a market that has been hard hit by cost restraints due to the downturn, training and support departments are often the first to suffer.

In some instances we have seen whole departments removed in favour of online support guides. Online guides are important but as most clients will tell you, they are no replacement for interaction with real people.

So one of the questions you should be asking when selecting an IT support system is about training and support.

Does the provider have a dedicated training team to help launch the software into your business? Is it able to provide training on-site or in purpose-built premises? Can it offer you a bespoke training programme?

For example, if you have new starters to the business they will want start-up training, or if you have someone dedicated to your accounts department they may need specific training on the commission reconciliation side.

A good provider will be able to provide you with this flexibility, while having access to a support services team for guidance and queries is also vital. Ensure your provider is able to offer you this minimum level of support.



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