Right time to tackle the protection issue


In Britain we are pretty much set in our ways and comfortable following an annual pattern of inevitability.

We’ve already enjoyed Easter, had a flutter on the Grand National and, according to the preordained calendar, should now be well immersed in the house-hunting season.

But with spring in the air the housing market is still in hibernation and showing little sign of waking from its slumber.

We’re all aware of the appetite to progress things but those keen to get on the property ladder continue to be thwarted by lenders.

Lack of business has seen many mortgage brokers diversify and concentrate their efforts on writing protection business.
But judging from some of my conversations with brokers, writing protection business doesn’t come naturally.

The good news is that providers now have a host of marketing material that divides clients according to life stage, with support material offering help on how to approach them.

So while there may not be a stream of new business coming through the door there is a rich seam of potential business from existing clients that some advisers are already making good use of.

In the middle of a booming property market advisers couldn’t always find the time for protection and clients either ignored their needs or sourced products themselves, so there’s plenty of scope to tackle the issue now.