Get tough with data security measures


Have you ever been to India? No? Well fear not, because your NHS records may have taken the trip for you.

Millions of patient records are being sent to India to be processed in an attempt to cut costs.

Consultants read patient notes into voice recorders and these recordings are sent to India to be transcribed onto databases.

The risks associated with this were exposed last year when journalists were able to buy health records processed in India.

The fact that records are being sent offshore in volume raises concerns mirroring those of many in the mortgage industry regarding the security of their data.

Any firm requiring sensitive data to be transferred must be vigilant in its approach to security. Businesses and governments are subject to millions of hacking attempts every day and weaknesses will be exploited.

In the US, president Barack Obama has appointed a general to strengthen defences against cyber attacks. And while the mortgage industry can’t compete with his budget steps can be taken to ensure client data is secure.

Data security has become a priority for lenders and other parties involved in the property chain. New lenders know their defences will be tested so it’s important they have the best technology at their fingertips.

And established lenders won’t want to be left in the shadow of new players. It’s not feasible for everyone to employ top-notch generals but up-to-date and tough data security measures are a must.