Employees are your best marketing tool


As a marketing professional people often think I will encourage them to spend lots of money on some form of marketing campaign. I don’t do this.

Instead, I show them how to increase their profits without having to necessarily spend loads more to do so.

The trick is to become more effective by doing the right things and more efficient by doing them well. You can survive if you are inefficient but not if you are ineffective. To thrive you must become more effective and more efficient.

One way is to enhance staff motivation. The more engaged staff are the more profits will grow. You can enhance motivation by focussing on accountability, along with continuous personal development programmes that provide regular feedback.

Find time to talk to staff and listen. Ensure you communicate on a regular basis about relevant things – internal marketing is vital for employee engagement.

Ensure your staff feel valued and respected. Let them know you trust their opinions and why their work is important.

The best form of promotion is word of mouth so you need as many clients acting as advocates as possible. To ensure someone is an advocate you must delight them and exceed their expectations.

To achieve this you depend on your staff so to client advocacy requires staff advocacy first. This is why motivation is important. The more motivated your staff, the better your service. And the better the service, the more the referrals.