Beginning to gain a cycological edge


It’s now less than a month before we set off on our cycle ride to Spain and at last the weather has picked up.

Since we started training last autumn it feels like the windiest, wettest and coldest days have saved themselves up for the Sundays when we’ve done our longest rides so it’s been tough.

Hopefully, this will stand us in good stead for the trek to Santander, although no doubt it will be a lot hotter.

I wonder if our current state of mind is not worthy of its own word – maybe ’cycological’ rather than psychological. Nothing now worries us about the weather any more, except maybe a strong wind against us.

When we started training our first ride was around 32 miles and we slowly managed to get up to 40, then 60. We’ve now done 100 miles in perfect sunshine and cycologically this is important because we don’t go much further than that on any day in our ride south – if we don’t get lost.

So what things have happened to us so far? Well, a wing mirror recently clipped my partner and we’ve both swallowed flies.

And last week I thought we were about to be mown down by a psychopath in Cambridgeshire. I don’t know what his issue was but I’ve never seen anyone so angry.

For hours afterwards we tried to figure out what had got to him. The best we could come up with was the fact that the guy I cycle with is the spitting image of footballer John Terry – but the driver looked nothing like Wayne Bridge.