West Brom offers car with Brum Brum mortgage

The West Bromwich and MG Rover launched their unique offer yesterday – a new Rover 25 when borrowers take out a Brum Brum mortgage with the society.

The offer is open to first-time buyers and borrowers who remortgage to the West Bromwich.

On top of a new car, the Brum Brum Mortgage also comes with free loan protection insurance for six months, no higher lending charge up to 90% LTV and refund of valuation up to.£350.

The Brum Brum mortgage is only available to borrowers who take out a mortgage directly with the society via the branch network, telephone or internet.

Once a mortgage is completed, the customer is contacted by MG Rover Group to arrange colour, specification and delivery.

Customers will be required to pay insurance, road fund licence, a first registration fee and any upgrade to a higher specification Rover 25 car.

A redemption charge will apply to compensate the society for early repayment of the mortgage.