The Mortgage Mole

Running battle

Hats off to Heritable Bank&#39s head of treasury Kevin Smyth who completed this month&#39s London Marathon – dressed as Elvis Presley! Kevin ran as Elvis to boost sponsorship for the sight disorder charity Nystagmus Network, and achieved a finish time of three hours, 49 minutes.

“Running as Elvis earned me lots of attention, including an interview on BBC 1,” Kevin told Mole. Meanwhile, Mole can reveal that Hamptons&#39 supremo Kevin Duffy has laid down the gauntlet again to Charcol&#39s Walter Avrili in this year&#39s New York Marathon in November.

“If Avrili thinks he&#39s got a chance of coming in ahead of me he might as well be locked up now,” Duffy told Mole. “Let battle commence.”

Rosie is Becks-mad

Mole can reveal that Rebecca Loos and Sarah Marbeck are not the only ladies to be tempted to make a play for soccer superstar David Beckham.

Seems that Strategy deputy editor Rosemary Gallagher tried to bag the Real Madrid striker at a concert two years ago but was turned down!

“Skipton had hired out a box for an Oasis gig back in 2002,” Rosie confessed to Mole. “I was having a great time and then David turned up with his entourage. I went over and asked for a kiss but he turned me down flat. I still can&#39t believe it – especially after all of those text sex revelations!” “It&#39s all true,” Mole&#39s source at the event said. “Skipton had invited a bunch of us but as you can imagine we were pretty embarrassed when Rosie lunged for Becks – talk about Loos.”

Big(ot) Ron

Red faces just about avoided at the West Brom this week after cancelling a launch event to be hosted by Big Ron Atkinson in the nick of time. Those poor chaps at the Midlands mutual were planning to get the pundit to promote their latest deal. But a swift, ungainly U-turn was the order of the day after Atkinson was caught on the TV commentry referring to Chelsea&#39s Marcel Desailly as a “f*****g lazy thick n****r”.

“Quite understandably, our hopes of working with Ron Atkinson have changed in light of recent events,” read the hastily cobbled together press release.

Mole should think so too.

High hopes

A new lease of life for the Wriglesworth Consultancy this week as Mole reveals its new logo. Wrigsy&#39s crowning glory is meant to show the directions the industry&#39s top PR supremo can take you in. But as my snap shows, it seems the real reason is Wrigsy&#39s getting a bit too regal for his boots. “We don&#39t know what this crown thing&#39s all about but there&#39s clearly only one place for it.” a source confessed.