NAEA appoints Richard Hair as president

Richard Hair will take over as president of the National Association of Estate Agents on May 14 when Melfyn Williams, the Association&#39s youngest ever president, concludes his year in office.

Richard Hair has been a member of the NAEA for over 25 years and is a joint senior partner of Hair and Son estate agents, which has been trading in the Southend area since 1922.

Hair says: “The last year, during Melfyn&#39s term in office, has been a pivotal one for the Association and I am beginning my term at an exciting time, especially with the development of the Housing Bill this summer.

“Following the changes of the last year, the priority for this one is consolidating our position and ensuring that the changes continue to be implemented smoothly. I will be aggressively campaigning to increase the uptake on our Technical Awards to drive professional standards throughout the UK.

“Our codes of practice and professional standards are extremely rigorous and it saddens me to see the image of the profession degraded by some non-members. A further priority will be to strongly support the Association&#39s advertising campaign to encourage the public to use only our members and also to attract agents who are not currently members to join us.”

Williams says: “I wish Richard the best of luck with his presidential year in continuing to lead the Association and the industry forward. The last year has been an incredibly busy one for the NAEA, with the continued campaign against the government&#39s proposals for Home Information Packs and the publication of the Office of Fair Trading enquiry report last month, as well as all the other work the Association carries out throughout the year.

“One of my most significant achievements of the year was the introduction of the Technical Awards as a benchmark of competence in the industry. This is key to eradicating some of the rouge agents setting up and tarnishing the profession.”