Enable seems to be in conflict with Skipton over MPPI

From Graham Boulger

I was quite surprised to see Michael Ward&#39s comments in his letter to Mortgage Strategy in the April 12 issue.

It seems that the Enable Mortgage and Insurance Network is in conflict with its parent company Skipton over the value of MPPI (ASU).

Over the past two years Skipton has worked hard to ensure that as many borrowers as possible are covered by the valuable benefits that MPPI offers. Skipton obviously doesn&#39t realise that it has been selling products with the sort of problems that Ward raises.

As the largest provider of MPPI to the UK intermediary market we naturally take a different view to that of Ward.

What cannot be denied, however, is the £26m we have paid to MPPI policyholders in benefits in the past couple of years. They will certainly disagree that there are real problems with this product.

As with all insurance products it&#39s up to the adviser to sell the product that is appropriate to the client&#39s particular circumstances.

We prefer to focus on helping intermediaries offer solutions to their clients rather than concentrating their minds on limiting complaints.

All insurance policies have conditions attached (none more so than CIC products) and as long as the client is made aware of these at the point of sale they will be able to make an informed judgement as to the products&#39 real value.

Graham Boulger

Group managing director


By email