A view from the floor

Much is said about growth in the non-conforming sector of the mortgage market but little is made of the sustained growth in green lending. Could this be because pundits find it difficult to pin down what a green mortgage is?

All Ecology mortgages have some environmental benefit but you don&#39t have to be green to get one. We are often more flexible than the majority of lenders when it comes to the types of properties we will lend on.

We specialise in lending on dwellings in need of renovation, the conversion of redundant buildings, ecological self-builds and properties of non-standard construction. We aim to increase and improve the sustainable housing stock in the UK by bringing derelict properties back into use and financing low-impact new builds.

And there is a healthy demand for our products. Last year Ecology mortgage completions topped £10m for the first time, taking the society&#39s total assets over £50m.

OK, so Nationwide won&#39t be looking over its shoulder just yet but there is a growing market for homes designed or renovated with environmental impact in mind.

Ecology will continue to support initiatives for the wider application of green building practices – and we are looking forward to our next £50m of asset growth.