The Mortgage Mole


In April Mole revealed London brokerage Coreco had employed Brian the dachshund as a broker and he can still be found tweeting at @mortgagemuttLDN.

And now Dorset-based outfit Positive Lending has had a similar idea with its employment of Dexter to handle payment protection insurance claims company callers.

You are probably thinking what Mole first thought on seeing the picture Positive Lending tweeted of Dexter last week – he’s too cute to handle those types of calls.

But Positive Lending has big plans for the adorable canine and envisage him “biting the phone”. CMCs, you have been warned.


King of the Gods

Meanwhile, Lord Coe was honoured to meet Mortgage Strategy’s new reporter Devraj “King of the Gods” Ray last week at an event held by the Prudential at The Savoy.

“He was obviously massively impressed by my jumper, and praised me for not adhering to the strict dress codes enforced at most business events,” Ray told Mole.


Musical hell

For many brokers getting stuck on the phone to lenders’ call centres is an occupational hazard of being a mortgage broker. As a result some brokers, condemned to musical hell for vast swathes of the day, are starting to rate lenders as much for their on-hold muzac as for their products and service.

Lentune Mortgage Consultancy director Stuart Gregory tweeted last week that Virgin was regularly tops for providing Take That and Bowie. While adviser Phil Leivesley tweeted that Woolwich has been known to have French EDM stylists Air.